Event Management


Production Hire have the experience and capability to take on the full management of your event, from licensing, site CAD plans creating your EMP (Event Management Plan) and associated paperwork, health & safety requirements through to all technical requirements such as PA, lighting, staging, LED screens, site power and distribution.

Event production is vital to the success of any event and here at Production Hire we pride ourselves on understanding each individual clients production needs. This includes site design and layout, procurement of site infrastructure requirements, operational planning and live event management. Our dedicated production team will be able to advise and coordinate each element of your event to ensure the best possible experience for your customers. 

We also manage the less glamorous side of event Management including sanitary provisions, fencing, trackway, site lighting from procurement through to delivery and install.

Our years of experience in delivering events means we can tap into our long standing supply chain relationships and assist with security & stewarding, medical cover and traffic Management. 

Production Hire can plan all your traffic requirements for your event. Our experience with planning events can take your event brief, write your traffic management plan and manage all aspects of liaising and dealing with the local authorities. This includes TTRO orders and sign plans. We will liaise with the relevant companies to install temporary event signs, traffic lights and any required road closures. All completed in accordance with, the Highways agency chapter 8 guidelines.

We can manage the licensing stages of an event by producing all required local authority paperwork, attend SAG meetings and steer your event through the licensing process. Deliver risk mitigation and live event safety management.

We make sure your event is safe and risk managed without compromising your creative ideas and vision. Our dedicated Health & Safety team can manage all aspects of safety from the planning process to on site contingency planning and live event safety.

Our experienced team including a dedicated Project Manager, site production Manager and office support will assist with the smooth running of your event site, our knowledge of using the right suppliers with cost effective solutions will help meet what we know are always tight budget restraints. Our pre and on-site administration team will ensure the smooth running of your event, with a tried and tested chain of command and good communication between on site contractors, leaving you the promoter to be able to concentrate on what you need to do, whilst having the confidence that your event will run smoothly.

For the past 15 years Production Hire have been delivering high profile large scale events across the UK and Channel Islands.

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